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Adam Baker

Namu Travel Group

Tacos4Ticos Project Manager

Originally from the South-West of England Adam came to Costa Rica in 2006 post University. He begin working in tourism in 2008 and has not looked back since. One of the reasons Adam stayed in Costa Rica for so long was the counties love of football. Being almost as popular a sport as it is back in England meant Adam was able to play in every town he lived in here in Costa Rica. In 2014 at a British Embassy gathering he got in touch with Educacion Plus and began with Richard Bexon. Each week they are able to enjoying playing and coaching a football team for the improvised areas that Educacion Plus represented. 

Richard Bexon​

Namu Travel Group

Richard hails from Woking, Surrey, UK and has been in Costa Rica since 2005 with his wife and 2 young children. Richard started playing football the day he was able to stand up and played for local teams throughout his childhood, Captaining his school team through his teenage years.  On arriving in Costa Rica in 2005 he began playing 5 a side regularly until in 2013 he and Adam stumbled across the Educacion Plus program and decided to helped train the football Academy of Educacion Plus and opening the Pavas Football Academy in 2015.

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