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According to The Tico Times News "there is a direct correlation both here and abroad between the number of meaningful job opportunities and the English-language proficiency level of the workforce." Therefore, we seek to motivate youth to improve their English, in order to maximize their career options in the future. 

Naturally, it takes more than just classes to gain the level of fluency necessary to be competitive in the workplace. Students need to have a certain level of dedication to apply their English beyond the classroom, and incorporate it into their everyday lives. Tacos4Ticos is a perfect opportunity for this, because as well as practicing their English on the field, their learning is supported by bi-weekly classes at our 'Namu University'. We believe that these classes, coupled with our football program, will help combat school drop-out rates and unemployment locally.


Why is English beneficial to Costa Ricans?


A certified instructor from Idioma Internacional, a leading English training provider in Costa Rica, donates his time twice per week for an hour at a time to Tacos4Ticos.


Namu Travel Group agreed to donate the company's learning space, appropriately named "Namu University", to facilitate the classes.


Krystel Quesada and Tony Silva of Namu Travel Group understood the importance of local youth learning English and were key initiators of the English language program.

The Facts

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