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  • ​Around 75% of soccer and school donations go straight to the 5 local schools we are affiliated with in San Jose.

  • The remaining donations will be donated on a larger trip to external schools, or saved until Christmas time, for the start of the next term.

Where do our donations go?

  • ​We don't keep any donations for the office. We are a travel agency and therefore have little use for soccer donations.

  • Some donations, such as soccer balls and cleats, are saved for our weekly training sessions with our Pavas Football Academy.

Do you keep any donations?

  • Close to $0 as we have no paid worked at Tacos4Ticos. All staff are volunteering their time around their usual job.

What are the operational costs?

  • Tacos4Ticos is a charity project connected to Costa Rican Vacations and are not a registered 501C. We do not accept any financial donations directly.

  • Any guest wanting to donate financially has to go to EducacionPlus our partner who runs the Football Academy in Pavas. 

Do you accept financial donations?

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